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Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Needs of Rohrer Corporation, Including: Bobst and Heidelberg Die Cutters, Bobst Folder/Gluers, Heidelberg Printing Presses, Bindery Equipment, CTP System, Plant Support, etc.


Bobst Die Cutter Model Visioncut 106-LE 3.0, S/N 1721 (New 2017) with Stripping & Centerline Adjustment, Continuous Feed & Delivery, Extra Chase and Cutting Plate, Thin Plate Capability, Swiss Made - Available For Prior Sale, Contact Fred Moss at 781-844-1645.
Heidelberg Die Cutter Model Dymatrix 106 PRO CSB S/N 4D000079 (New 2014) with Stripping & Blanking, Make Ready Rack, Continuous Feed & Delivery - Available For Prior Sale, Contact Fred Moss at 781-844-1645.
Bobst Die Cutter Model SP 102-E, S/N 057100509 (New 1978) with Stripping, Continuous Feed & Delivery.
Bobst Folder/Gluer Model Domino 110M, S/N 032600608 (New 1985) with 4-Corner Capability, Shingled Delivery with Compression Conveyor, HHS Glue System Type KFE-KP9-PMDR-ES S/N 160302074271
Heidelberg Folder/Gluer Model Diana, S/N MN.GCB0-00045 (New 2012) Continuous Feed Module, Product#: 1108050
Heidelberg 6-Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model CD 102-S+L, S/N 537304 (New 1995) with 220 Million Impressions, Coater, No Plate Changers, Royse Re-Circulators, Continuous Feed & Delivery, CP104 Console IR Dryer, Exatronic Anti Offser Spray, Press Raise Kit
Heidelberg 5-Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model 102F+L , S/N 536-169 (New 1993) with 250 million impressions, 5-Color Plus AQ Coater, No Plate Changers, Central Re-Circulator, Continuous Feed & Delivery, CP104 Console, IR Dryer, Exatronic Anti Offser Spray
Screen/Fuji Platerite 8300S CTP Machine Model PT-R8300, S/N 309 (New 2008)
Polar Mohr Paper Cutter Model 115MON, S/N 5531641 (New 1985)
Kongsburg Router/Sample Maker Model FC-1309
Sullair ES-8 Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Sullair ES-6 Rotary Screw Air Compressor